Catolog/Poch’s Party

Hey Penguins,

The Catolog has finally came out and now I have all the cheats you need. I will also make new graphics for you for the Christmas theme.

To find the Stocking Cap, click the Coins For Change black booth.


To find the Drum Set, Trumpet, Drum Sticks, and the Acoustic Guitar, click there items in the tree:


To find the Dizzy, click the White Puffle.


To find the Red Viking Helmet, click the Dojo.


To find the Black Cape, click the smaller blue mushroom.



Now here is the party. Lol I can only get one picture.


Ninja O Dark?

Hey guys its donut, sorry I haven’t posted here in a while but me a Gph have been busy. Anyway, maybe you have heard of this mystery penguin? many say they have met him (I did also) and he has had a Club Penguin “characters” type of player card. But he can either be a hacker or character so vote now, here is a picture of him too.

-CPT Owner-


Fire In The Dojo?

Aloha Penguins,

Well I do not have a reason for the title. But I have not been on Club Penguin in a while, and I found out as most of you know the Dojo is been Fire Themed or whatever it is called. Here are a few imaged.




Ok well thank you for the veiws and we will have a party shortly. If you have not made you vote, then vote on the post below.


Hey guys well I was wondering do you want us to have a party? We could have prizes and contests and rewards for best dressed penguin. So I want you to vote now about the party-

Also the authors will be announced very soon, so make sure you check back on us to see if you have won!

-CPT Owners-

~Donut and Gph~

Fire Journey and find Sensei!

Hey guys well there is a new game add-on coming to the Card-jitsu game. Its called the Card-jitsu Fire Journey. Here is a few pictures of the fire journey so far and pictures of Sensei visiting.

Me and Gph will try to get a tracker for Sensei for you guys, so make sure you keep coming back ad checking up on us. We may be hosting a party soon, lots coming so stay with us.

-CPT Owner-


Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the CPT blog, im one of the blog owners Donut67890. Me and Gph work hard to bring you the best cp cheats and I hope that you enjoy this blog and have fun discovering its secrets and fu activities.

-CPT Owner-